GQ - Nouveau Garage


In 2012 I got a call from a random number with a NY area code, ignored it and waited for the voicemail to pop-up. When I listened to it, I couldn't really hear what the dude was saying.. "Hello, I'm [static] Michael Allin from [static rumbling...] ...Eee ....Que Magazine." Oh boy, I thought, somebody gave my number to an independent music magazine and now they want to pay me $50 to shoot some random thing that will drag on and totally ruin me.. I decided to call back way later in the day and Michael picked up. The call was crystal clear this time and he asked if I had heard of the magazine. I said no, so he began to explain that it was a pretty big & well read international monthly men's magazine based in New York City and founded in 1931. Wow... why had I never heard of it... I began frantically googling while on the phone, maybe I spelled it wrong.

We spoke for a little bit and ended the call with plans to talk again after I had read the creative brief. 10 minutes later I received the email containing the brief from Michael Allin, Senior Visuals Editor - GQ Magazine! My heart stopped for a second... Guess I should have clarified what publication he was talking about in the voicemail since the reception was so bad.. 

I got the gig anyway, and since then I have been a GQ contributor 6 times which has been one of the highlights of my career so far since, well, I of course have heard of the magazine!

See the GQ Editorial Here