This short film was written and produced by the incomparable Summer Spiro, who also plays our one-and-only character. Summer came to me with this idea, based on the lyrics to a song her sister Ruby was writing. We shot the entire thing in an afternoon in Oceanside, CA. No permits, no $$, no script & a borrowed bicycle. Just simple ideas like, this girl wakes up alone, sad, heartbroken, etc..  Summer even sweet talked the front desk manager at the motel saying, "I'm getting married today and I only need a couple hours to get ready." He obliged and proceeded to watch me haul 6 trips worth of gear up the stairs to our 'room'. God only knows what he thought we were doing up there... My wife Christa was our only other crew member, she drove the car while I sat in the open hatch and filmed the final scene. 

Ruby & Summer Spiro & I have collaborated on countless projects. They were the first band to take a chance on me and for that I am forever grateful. We constantly pushed the boundaries of what we thought we were capable of, all the while feeling so incredibly free to bring our individual visions to each and every frame. We laughed often and cried a little bit too. Creativity can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but these girls made it fun.


Film shot entirely on the Black Magic Cinema Camera. An incredible piece of equipment for $2,000!!